Short-let Business during Corona Virus pandemic

Corona Virus

With the latest news about Corona Virus, some people are concerned about their Airbnb properties. Host Rules Property Management London is here to help you and give you more advise.

How we can manage Airbnb and earn money during the Corona Virus

It may be a challenge to manage Airbnb because of Corona virus, but we have a list for you with some trips and tricks to stand out and save your earnings.

Corona virus, also known as Covid-19 unfortunately has a dramatic effect on the tourism industry and gives one of its worst effects since the 9/11 attacks due to its rapid spread. Due to the extremely large number of people working in the tourism industry globally, the impact of reduced travel has inevitably an additional impact on the hospitality industry and short-term travel. There is an increasing number of countries experiencing a rapid increase in cases of corona virus, such as Japan, Italy and France. The effects on the hospitality industry and short-term travel are largely due to the decline in international travel. Many people are cancelling their vacations through well-known sites – Airbnb, Booking, Home Away and others.

What’s going on and how we can stop the Virus?

On Friday 20th March 2020 Boris Johnson announced as the government brought in stronger measures to enforce social distancing. All cafes, pubs, bars, clubs, restaurants, gyms, leisure centres, nightclubs, theatres and cinemas are now closed until future notice.

The future impact the Coronavirus will have on travel and the hospitality industry depends on how quickly a widespread cure for the virus can be produced and disseminated globally. In similar fashion to how the Swine Flu (H1N1) pandemic of 2010 was dealt with. If on the other hand the Coronavirus reaches a pandemic stage it could have an impact on the global economy akin to the 2008 financial crisis, having already wiped $5 Trillion off world stocks. The silver lining is that it appears that the Coronavirus may be slowing down as the weather is becoming milder, indicating that the virus prefers a colder climate. As the Northern Hemisphere approaches the Spring and Summer seasons we ought to see a decrease in the rate at which the virus is spreading and hopefully regain some freedom of travel and hope that advances towards a cure can be made before the start of next winter. In the meantime, we can all can reduce the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus by taking the following precautionary steps:

  1. Instructing cleaners to avoid travel using public transportation where possible.
  2. Have in-house operations team, delivery drivers, and cleaners wash and disinfect their hands before entering the company/customer premises- and before leaving the premises.
  3. Cleaners are being asked to disinfect door handles and their own hands before entering the client’s premises.
  4. Cleaners are being asked: – to wear face masks and gloves which must be worn throughout their time on the client’s premises. – To clean cleaning supplies such as disinfectant bottles, by wiping them down with disinfectant before leaving the premises.
  5. All the linen and towels will be washed and dried in temperatures exceeding 60°C to ensure disinfection.
  6. Any staff members whose tasks can be carried out remotely will be asked to work from home until further notice.
  7. We will routinely monitor guidelines established and advised by the NHS to ensure our processes and procedures are in-line with risk-mitigating measures.

Our recommendation to short-let hosts who are managing the replenishment and the cleaning of their own properties is to follow as many of the guidelines above in addition to the following:

1. Avoid greeting guests with hand-shakes and aim to keep a two-meter distance at all times where possible.

2.Don’t neglect to clean every surface within the property that you would not typically disinfect.

3. Ensure you wear protective materials such as gloves and facemasks when entering the room after each visitor.

4. Ensure you disinfect not only all items which are frequently touched (such as remote controls or light switches), but also surfaces and materials which may have been subjected to exposure from sneezing, coughing, or flossing such as the bathroom mirror, window panes, the floor and walls on each side of the bed, and in some instances the curtains or nets.

5. If you have fabric chairs, sofas, or headboards – we recommend using a disinfecting mist spray. We hope the above will help in the fight against the spread of the virus and prevention of it spreading further. Hopefully through taking the steps we will play our part and bring this situation to an end as soon as possible.

We at Host Rules Management Services London wish you all well. Please contact us if you think you want to rent your property

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