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Our Airbnb Management Pricing Packages

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We present you with pricing packages for our Airbnb Management service. We have designed them in a way that can be tailor maid for your needs. Our end goal is to provide a service where it can earn you more money while avoiding all the stressful process of managing your property. 

Property Setup

We can meet you at your property and and provide you with professional property setup advise. The goal is to make your place unique and stand out from the competition

Full Management

Full Management suite of services for your property including: Listing creation. Professional cleaning. Quality Linen and Toiletries. 24/7 guest support. Price optimisation. Property Maintenance.

Meet & Greet

We can welcome your guests and make them feel special. We will showing them the property answer any of their questions. Our goal is to make sure that they’re feeling at home

We require an one off initial fee of £75 + VAT. If you become our client, this money will be deducted from your first bill


Most frequent questions and answers about our Airbnb Property Management Service

Yes, after we visit your property, we’ll prepare you an individual quote for set up. Each property is different, so we don’t have a fixed price for it.

Normally the guests are quite good, but if they damage something, we report it in 24hours to the Airbnb and guests are paying from their deposit.

No, we don’t offer an insurance, but we recommend you to do a short let home insurance.

There’re high snd low tourist season in London. In the high season we keep the prices higher . We offer a discount for long term guests.

We pay our clients the beginning of each month for the previous one.

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